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To protect our customers and staff, we have implemented additional safety measures in all stores including perspex screens and social distancing markers. Shop confidently in-store with VPZ, or if you would prefer to continue shopping online. our website is still fully operational. Please check locally for opening hours.
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About VPZ, the UK's Leading E-Cigarette Retailer

Our story started in 2012 when the owners, 2 British Brothers who had a desire to stop smoking, tried various ways to switch from cigarettes and found that vaping was the only thing that helped them kick the habit! Stopping smoking, especially on your own, is no easy feat and this is where the story of VPZ begins.


Is Vaping Safe?

Public Health England maintains that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than traditional smoking. Vaping isn’t completely risk free, but is far less harmful than smoking tobacco and has helped millions of smokers quit.

Our advice to vapers and smokers looking to make the switch is that products should always be purchased from trusted businesses. Ask for advice on how best to switch to vape products from experts or specialist vape shops if you need it.

Will Vaping Save Me Money?

If for example you are smoking 20 cigarettes a day, we estimate that you could save up to £3000 per year by making the switch to vaping.

What is an E-Cigarette?

An e-cigarette or "e-cig" is an electrical device that heats e-liquid into an inhalable vapour. E-cigarettes are used as an alternative way to obtain nicotine. E-cigarettes are generally made of three component parts; a rechargeable battery, a vape tank and an atomiser or vape coil.

What E-Cigarette Should I Buy?

This depends on a number of factors as well as personal preference. If you’re just starting vaping why not pop in-store for a consultation with one of our vaping experts, or call our customer service team who will be happy to assist you with your purchase. Alternatively, you can find out more about making the switch to vaping, beginner vape kits, or vape products for smokers on our blog below.

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid (also commonly referred to as “e-juice”, "e-liquid", “juice” or simply “liquid”) is what an electronic cigarette uses to create vapour. The heating element or coil in the e-cig vaporises the liquid and creates an inhalable vapour or mist. The purpose of this is to deliver nicotine without any burning, smoke, or inhaling the harmful chemicals usually associated with conventional cigarettes. Find out more about what is an e-liquid and what ingredients are in e-liquid below.

What Is In E-Liquid?

It’s simple, flavouring, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) both of which are commonly used in the manufacturing of pre-packaged foods and beauty products! E-Liquid can also contain nicotine and there are varying strengths available.

What E-Liquid Should I buy?

At VPZ we have a huge range of e-liquid flavours ranging from tobacco and menthol to retro sweets and cakes. Try our e-liquid flavours in-store and find the right one for you. You will also need the right nicotine strength. This can be a tricky one as it is all about what feels right for you and how many cigarettes you smoke per day, however we do have a guide to get you on the right track.

Up to 5 cigarettes per day - 3mg
Between 5-10 cigarettes per day - 6mg
10-15 cigarettes per day - 12mg
15+ cigarettes per day - 18mg

Vaping and E-Cigarette Toubleshooting

If you’re having an issue with your e-cigarette device or need some help setting up your first vape kit, our staff in-store or our Customer Service team are always more than happy to help. Alternatively, find our more about common vaping FAQs in our vape help centre